Distribution & Deliveries

Provide same-day and next-day deliveries without the assle managing your own fleet.

We scale your transportation needs so you can focus on your business

We make it easy, efficient, and enjoyable to wow your customers with convenient delivery options. But there is more to it. We give you data and insights that improves your management decisions, support costs, and overall business efficiency.

Our Services

Outsource your delivery

Offer the best delivery quality to your clients

We help you delivering conveniently to your client with same-day deliveries, next-day deliveries or deliveries at certain hours of the day to provide a great quality of service. Don't worry if you're small since we have great rates for you and your clients.

Network of drivers

Manage drivers and fleets with ease

We remove the complexity of managing large fleets that fluctuate based on your needs: we take care of hires, contracts, salary, and daily management. You'll get a turn-key solution that is easy to use and full access to our software and valuable insights like live tracking and statistics.

Reduce customer support

Reduce your administrative & support costs by 30%

Our tools help you manage and react to day-to-day needs and issues in an efficient way, saving administrative, route planning, and customer support by 30%.

Onging deliveries on map

Quickly react and prevent any delivery issues

Our tools, live data, and large network of drivers help you handle most delivery issues (e.g. a flat tire, illness, snow, missing boxes, etc.). Be sure that your deliveries will arrive on time.

Our software is the key to your distribution

Compared to other courier companies, we do more than just deliveries from A to B. Our software helps companies become more efficient with 360° services: Software and Transportation Services.

Live tracking

Track your deliveries, vehicles, & issues in real-time and get a complete overview of all your distribution and logistic activities.

Delivery details

Get full access to every detail of a delivery and take care your daily customer support calls much easier and quicker.


With our software you will have access to valuable analytics and metrics so you can optimize your distribution and logistics.

Your delivery, your data

Get valuable data and insight of your deliveries

NemLevering.dk is more than just distribution - get access to key insights.

  • Live tracking of all vehicles
  • Get details of each delivery in real-time
  • Access to analytics and statistics
Get data and insights of your delivery in real time

Get an offer for your company

We'll love to have a chat about your distribution. Please contact us directly at +45 78 75 47 85 or send us an email.

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